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New Book Release: Amish Love Rivalry

Amish Love RivalryThe wedding was only two weeks away, and it was supposedly the beginning of a happy ending for Marianna and Reuben. The harrowing past, however, kept its grip tight on Marianna, preventing her from living a peaceful and cordial Amish life. With tenderness and understanding from her husband-to-be, Reuben, she slowly finds the strength to get her old strong and carefree self back. Just as she is starting to move forward, her past materialized in the form of ex-lover and shunned Amish, Moses. Moses offers Marianna to take back the life they could have shared together. All she needs to do is run away with him. Her refusal is adamant, for it was he who had gifted her the painful memories that had almost destroyed her. But he is a man of resilience and will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means exposing her for what she truly is - a woman undeserving of the Amish ordinance.

***This is a clean, simple, Amish Romance Fiction and is a complete stand-alone story. It will always be free on Kindle Unlimited. ***

Read Chapter 1 of Amish Love Rivalry (PDF)

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